Compliment for my hands

I am looking at a photo taken of me
petting an old golden retriever
who lay sprawled in the middle of a street
under the heat of the summer sun

my arm is outstretched
captured in a moment of caressing
the soft fur of his honey colored ears
warm to the touch
my hand turned in a gentle gesture
long fingers and
blue veins visible through thin skin

I have been told I have graceful hands
hands that should hold brushes
pluck at strings
hands that create

for a long time I believed
I destroyed everything I touched

studying the photo
I look down at my hands as I write
moving like tiny dancers
beginning to understand

When a heart breaks

When a heart breaks
it scatters into a thousand pieces
in days
you begin to notice

one day
walking across your room
you step on an unsightly shard
you didn't know was there 
until you got cut


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