We are moments

I have been making an effort to notice moments filled with beauty, rather than holding on to those that hurt. Human beings seem to learn more through negativity. I've come to the understanding it is because pain lasts longer than happiness.

It does not have to be so.

A couple on the train, standing by the window, face each other without speaking. The woman has a scarf draped down her neck and the man uses it to wipe his glasses. She brushes off some dust from the collar of his coat in a most loving gesture.

I find my violet colored hair elastic in my pocket, the one I misplaced in September. It is perfectly worn to fit my hair. I find it in my blazer pocket and then lose it again.

On the last day of a vacation, I touch the soft white pillow wrinkly from sleep and tuck the sheets to say goodbye.

A miniature grey poodle awaits patiently, turning his dainty little face side to side to observe his owner order a cup of green tea.

The headlights of a passing car illuminate a rabbit on a lawn. Another appears from the bushes and hops over the first one, then another. The three of them collide like billiards and disappear into the darkness of the night.

Second chance

There was a thunderstorm and the smell of warm concrete on the street and afterwards - the sky turned a peculiar orange. Standing on the balcony I felt as though we were in another world.

In films, sometimes this kind of lighting is in scenes portraying the past. Maybe we are in it. Maybe this is our second chance to write it differently.


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